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Issue #2: may 19
Welcoming the sunshine
The advent of summer has brought a flurry of activity at the Isha Yoga Center! Along with the first ever 21-Day Hatha Yoga program, the centre was bursting at its seams as it welcomed over 100 meditators from all walks of life to the monthly Sathsang. With guided Hatha Yoga and Kriya correction sessions, Guru Pooja, special meditations and of course discourses by Sadhguru made this a weekend to cherish for a long time!

May also saw the first full day Sadhana programme this year, which attracted 21 seekers for 10 hours of focused time on their wellbeing - stretching from 7 am till 4:30pm! If you missed this one, we have another one scheduled in June as well! We look forward to the first Inner Engineering programme of the summer this coming weekend, as well as to many other exciting events in our packed schedule. See the overview below…
21-Days Hatha Yoga
April 27 - May 17
Sharings from the participants!
A professional pole vaulter and singer from Finland, a Hilton Hotel manager, a self-made CEO and entrepreneur including others share their experiences!
Classical Hatha Yoga Packages
Emotional Balance Package, Mental Wellness Package, Yoga for Seniors and Allergies Relief. Click the button below to learn more!

Diabetes Management Programme
Holistic management of diabetes, incorporating specific rejuvenating yogic practices and specialized dietary advice.
Sadhanapada 2019
May 2019
At Isha Yoga Centre, London
Intensify your sadhana and through volunteering contribute to the activity of the Isha Foundation in Europe.
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