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May 5
Ride the Wave
We've been overjoyed to see many of the 2500 participants from Sadhguru's Inner Engineering programme joining us for uplifting guided Shambhavi Mahamudra sessions. Not only this, but the centre welcomed the exuberant presence of 27 beginning their journey into 21 days of Hatha Yoga. We hope you too will join us in this coming month to become a part of this exciting momentum. See all our programmes and events below!
Classical Hatha Yoga
This summer season we are offering two systems of fitness rooted in yoga to mould yourself into external and internal shape! Angamardana - a yogic workout - and Surya Shakti...

Mental Wellness Package
The Mental Wellness Package introduces you to simple techniques to realign yourself and transform into a life of balance and aliveness. Choose between 3 days this month!
Sadhanapada 2019
May 2019
Isha Yoga Centre, London
Sadhanapada - a time of heightened receptivity, a time when our Sadhana can yield the best results.
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