The advent of September marked the beginning of a new phase in the growth of the centre. We are exceptionally privileged to have a specially consecrated yantra by Sadhguru adorning the program hall at the centre! Turbocharged by its powerful presence, we started offering even more Hatha Yoga programs from this month and also deepened the bond of the Isha community in the UK through special cultural evenings and celebratory events!

A yantra literally means a machine.

The word yantra means a “machine” or a “tool”. A tool is just an extension of what this human system is capable of. Just like a bicycle allows us to move faster, in the yogic tradition, a yantra is a tool to take us into certain spaces within us, where we by ourselves would not be able to travel. Modern science says the universe is simply a vibration of energy. By setting the right vibrations, we can charge the space in such a way to assist a seeker in their sadhana or inner journey. With the yantra in the hall, the centre is palpably alive and we invite as many of you as possible to come and make use of this.
To mark the International Day of Peace, a special event, “Ragas for Peace”, was organised at the centre – being the first in a series of ‘Isha Cultural Evenings’. Here to share their rapturous music were Kaviraj Singh on Santoor, Upneet Singh on Tabla and their father, the celebrated Sitar player Dharambir Singh.

In preparation for the evening the centre was adorned with colourful flowers and shimmering lights, composing a magical ambience. The audience quickly settled themselves around the musicians, cross legged and noticeably still.

The performance begun with a rendition of the South Indian Raga Jansamohini by Kaviraj, before transitioning to a hymn on the divine possibilities of music. He picked up momentum as he sang, and the crowd sat enraptured, listening intently.

During the second half, Dharambir Singh initiated proceedings with the Raga Lalita Gauri, dedicated to the feminine energy, and then performed several Ragas centred around the spring season. These ancient harmonies rooted the crowd and spread a tone of meditativeness in the hall. Dharambir then explained how each Raga can be considered as an asana with unique sun and moon notes. This connection between Ragas and Yoga gave the audience an entirely new perspective on how music and spirituality are interweaved.

As the music reached a close, not one person could believe that time had flown by so quickly. With sincere admiration, the audience clapped hard and long at what they had just been a part of. All bid adieu to each other with a heavy heart but promised to see each other soon on the next Cultural Evening, scheduled on 30th of November, featuring the prominent singer Manorama Prasad. We look forward to welcoming you there!
46l46lDuring a beautiful September afternoon, a large group of volunteers gathered at Newington Gardens for an hour of games which included frisbees, tag, group races and more. After bringing out their inner child, they felt tired but fulfilled and walked to the centre to hear a few words from Sadhguru, then offered a powerful Guru Pooja inside the hall. The day concluded with a showcase of the volunteers’ fantastic cooking skills, who had prepared a myriad of delicious dishes which filled our bellies and our hearts. It certainly was an evening to remember.
46lThe autumn equinox falls on September 23, when the sun crosses the equator during its southern run. This is a very special day for all of us at Isha, as this is when Sadhguru attained enlightenment over 36 years ago. This momentous event was celebrated heartily at the centre this year, which saw a gathering of meditators cherishing Sadhguru’s special day. Everyone listened intently to the sathsang which was followed by an explosive guided meditation. The evening finished with a potluck dinner that turned out to be a gourmet collection of dishes from across the world! A special cake was cut to mark the occasion, and everyone left grateful for the grace of a living guru.

As the seasons shift from summer to autumn, activity at the IYC has shifted into a higher gear.

As well as the Surya Kriya and Angamardana programmes reaching maximum capacity, new hatha yoga programmes such as Bhakti Sadhana and Shanmukhi Mudra have been introduced to the centre’s schedule in September. Both received exceptionally good responses, reaching full capacity.

This month, and for the first time, the centre hosted the Eye Care Workshop. Those who are struggling with short or long sightedness can greatly benefit from the powerful tools offered in this programme. One participant expressed that the practices help them become aware of the eye muscles and that the routines release the tension in the eyes. If you have missed this one but wish to explore the yogic way of eye care, we will be offering another workshop in October.

We are thrilled to announce the induction of another Hatha yoga programme, Bhastrika Kriya, in October. This kriya is a powerful process that helps in purifying the blood, leading to hormonal balance and equanimity. It is especially beneficial for people suffering from respiratory tract diseases like asthma, sinusitis and bronchitis, as it naturally increases the lung capacity and relaxes the whole system. The first workshop is scheduled on 26th October and we hope to see many of you there!

Furthermore, we are elated that the previous three Inner Engineering Total programmes were buzzing with a great number of spiritual aspirants. Registrations for Inner Engineering are steadily rising, and it is fantastic to see Sadhguru’s vision of “one drop of spirituality” touching so many.

Angamardhana Workshop
8 - 11 October 9:00am - 11:30am (9:00am - 11:45am on 11 October) Read More Register

Prenatal Yoga Workshop
9 - 11 October 6:45pm - 8:30pm Read More Register

Shanmukhi Mudra - Beautifying Kriya
12 October 6:45pm - 8:30pm Read More Register

Yoga for Children
23 - 25 October 10:00am - 11:45am Read More Register

Bhastrika Kriya
26 October 6:45pm - 7:30pm Register

13 October 1:40pm - 6:30pm Sathsang Schedule

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To be in a state of Devotion is the sweetest way to “be” and also the highest form of Intelligence. Sadhguru speaks that the nature of devotion is such that a devotee knows things you cannot even imagine. He can grasp things that you have to struggle with for the rest of your life.

If you learn to bow, if you learn to hold everything above yourself, you are in a state of devotion.

It does not mean that a devotee is a walkover. That which knows how to bend will not break. Devotion is like the root of a tree. No matter what changes are happening on the surface, it is “simply on” with its purpose of nourishing the tree.

Aspire to be “On” all the time, in wakefulness and sleep, in the path of Devotion or Bhakti Yoga

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“Last week I was on the tube returning home from the Yoga Centre. I noticed a person reading a book on meditation and something overtook me. I retrieved one of the free session vouchers from my bag and handed it over to him. I never found out if he attended any free offering session and I will probably never know, however the fact that I took an action that could transform another person’s life the way Sadhguru has touched mine made me feel extremely alive.”

- Harsh
"Volunteers are the true pillars of Isha in spreading this divine possibility to one and all. My blessings and guidance will always be with them, and this privilege will also be a doorway to their liberation. In this work, if they dissolve their feet, they will walk on mine" -Sadhguru

All programmes and events within Isha are volunteer run. It takes a tremendous level of effort to make this happen, and they're only possible as a direct result of volunteers' love and dedication. If you wish to volunteer, please fill in this survey or get in touch with us on volunteers.uk@ishafoundation.org.
The centre was established after over 10 years of continuous efforts thanks to the goodwill of Isha meditators. It is now poised to lead the way in offering tools of inner transformation across Europe and you can support this endeavour by donating towards the running costs of the centre. If you are a UK taxpayer, your donation is tax free and eligible for Gift Aid. Please make your contribution by clicking here.

Should you wish to donate by cheque, please make it payable to 'Isha Institute of Inner Sciences' and post to the address: Isha Accounts Office, 27 The Grange, Wembley HA0 1SY UK. If you have any queries regarding donation please contact donations.europe@ishafoundation.org

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