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Yoga Veera - a selfless pledge to share tools of inner wellbeing designed by Sadhguru to help people transform and enhance their lives.

This International Day of Yoga can be a turning point for your inner peace and joy.

Join one of the free sessions below and discover simple practices for lasting emotional balance and the reduction of back pain - that you can do anywhere!

Also included is an introduction to the global Save Soil movement - and a powerful guided meditation to enhance your connection with the soil beneath your feet.
Reconnect, rejuvenate and grow.

Isha volunteers who have been deeply touched by their experiences of Isha Yoga and have offered their time, beyond their personal needs, to go through a specific training.

We call them Yoga Veeras!

"This year, we want to bring together an ecologically and spiritually conscious population to create a massive impact for the benefit of all life on Earth. Join us in creating a Conscious Planet." - Sadhguru

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