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Ragas for Peace at Isha Yoga Centre

To mark the International Day of Peace, a special event, “Ragas for Peace”, was organised at the centre – being the first in a series of ‘Isha Cultural Evenings’. Here to share their rapturous music were Kaviraj Singh on Santoor, Upneet Singh on Tabla and their father, the celebrated Sitar player Dharambir Singh.

In preparation for the evening the centre was adorned with colourful flowers and shimmering lights, composing a magical ambience. The audience quickly settled themselves around the musicians, cross legged and noticeably still.

The performance begun with a rendition of the South Indian Raga Jansamohini by Kaviraj, before transitioning to a hymn on the divine possibilities of music. He picked up momentum as he sang, and the crowd sat enraptured, listening intently.

During the second half, Dharambir Singh initiated proceedings with the Raga Lalita Gauri, dedicated to the feminine energy, and then performed several Ragas centred around the spring season. These ancient harmonies rooted the crowd and spread a tone of meditativeness in the hall. Dharambir then explained how each Raga can be considered as an asana with unique sun and moon notes. This connection between Ragas and Yoga gave the audience an entirely new perspective on how music and spirituality are interweaved.

As the music reached a close, not one person could believe that time had flown by so quickly. With sincere admiration, the audience clapped hard and long at what they had just been a part of. All bid adieu to each other with a heavy heart but promised to see each other soon on the next Cultural Evening, scheduled on 30th of November, featuring the prominent singer Manorama Prasad. We look forward to welcoming you there!